Hi-Tech Security


Hi-Tech Security

Hi-Tech Security Lowveld is a security solutions company operating in Mpumalanga, South Africa.  Hi-Tech Security provide services such as rapid response, armed response, 24 hour monitoring, guarding, alarm systems and more for residential, corporate and industrial sectors.

We have been serving the Lowveld community since 1990 and we are the only franchised security company in South Africa. Each of our Hi-Tech branches is owner operated and managed. We currently have Hi-Tech Security franchises in Barberton, Nelspruit, White River, Onderberg and the Highveld.

8 Branches covering the entire Lowveld area, protecting thousands of people and their assets.

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Hi-Tech Security Nelspruit-Guard-Switchboard
Hi-Tech Security White-River-Guard-Switchboard

Hi-Tech Security was started in 1990 by Rassie Schoeman. Rassie saw the need to develop alarm and security monitoring systems specifically adapted to the local environment.

Today, Rassie Schoeman is the Group Director and assists 7 fully fledged Hi-Tech franchises with his direct involvement and professional approach to security in the Lowveld.

Hi-Tech is the only franchised Security Company in South Africa…  Read More

  • Rapid Response
  • Armed Response
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Guarding
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Armed Response
  • Alarm systems installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Banking Services
  • Snake Capture
  • CarTrack Fleet Management
  • Polygraphs / Pre Employment checks
  • Court Appearances, testify, affidavits etc.